Saturday, February 6, 2010

“Mix and Match” Fantasy Forest

I found myself wandering through this amazing, beautiful forest. "Mudshake...what a peculiar name!" I thought to myself.

Although the trees and flowers were reminiscent of spring time, the cool breeze that gently pushed my skirt about my knees was causing me to shiver.

"Perhaps I should have brought a jacket..." I mumbled as I clenched my fists and snuggled in to my sweater a bit more.

Ah well, the warm weather will be upon us soon enough! Might as well strike a pose, and work this cute look, no matter the temperature!

.:Periquita Funny Girl Flats Cya
[Detour] Nails - French - Pink 1
Cake - Barcelona - Cocoa - Flexi Hair
*DEN-DOU* Keiko -Ocher- /03 Eyeliner (half open)
Ora Trei Designs - Yearning Top - Sky
TOSL *Vintage Embroidery* Skirt v1.1m Crème
Page 3 Green Eyes 4
P.C; Carnelian Set
*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -7- Individualist

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