Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Review" LAQ - Ania & Carina

I had recently been over at LAQ drooling over the new skin Ania, when I realized I had to have it! I also realized that I had to share it with all of you as well!

(click all photos for larger view)
This luscious skin comes with 10 make up shades, rather than the customary 8. Full, pouty lips and nice thick eyebrows are my favorite on Ania's face. As you can see, she fits rather well on my shape, but there are also shapes available at LAQ. There are quite a few variations of the make up shades. Nude lips, pink lips, and red lips...something for everyone! You also get a nice variety of eyeshadow with choices of pinks, blues, smokeys and more. In my photograph you can see Fair on the top row in the shades of 01, 04, and 06. The middle row is Peach in 02, 05, and 08. The bottom row is Nougat in 03, 06, and 09.

The body is very exquisite, which is what the Glow skins are known for. The collarbone and neck area is well defined, which I seem to enjoy in a skin. The breasts have a nice shape to them, and the belly is soft, yet strong. The lady parts are fairly simple, and the bum is hot! There's also a good detail to the knees, elbows, hands and feet. A lot of skin designers tend to look these areas over.

Now I will share with you Carina. When I first saw this skin, I knew I had to have it because Carina is the name of my RL daughter! She is 4, and her name is not that common. There's also a few other spellings out there, so it was real sweet to see it exact! Again, Carina fits well on my normal shape. You get the same nice variety of make ups, but this one comes in 8 different styles. On the top row I have Fair in 03, 04, and 06. The middle row is Peach in 02, 05, and 07. On the bottom row, there's Nougat in 01, and 08.

I think the body is the same mapping as Ania, and you get all of the skins in 2 styles with each make up - hairbase or not. I really enjoy the hairbase style because I think it helps some of the wigs out in SL look more realistic when you can see a bit of the hairbase. As I cammed over the skin, I noticed something very neat about these Glow skins...there's just a faint hint of blue veins throughout the body! On the hands, inside the arms, even on the breasts!! I thought this was a very interesting touch to the skin.

Both of these skins are available now at LAQ for L$1990 per color pack (fair, peach, nougat, etc). There is also a 50% off sale on selected past skin releases. Hurry and get over there before the sale ends!

LAQ ~ Ania 10 [Peach] Glow skin (full body pic)
(CS) Prim Lashes - Size 1
Ornamental Life - Annyka On Tuesdays - Fizzy Purple
Page 3 Blue Eyes 1
YunA's HAIR=MIKI=ICLIMITED=MAJESTIC= (10 min camp chair!)

LAQ ~ Carina 05 [Fair] Glow skin (full body pic)
Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Cake - Dakota - Chestnut Hair
Chic Boutique - Jeweled Ocean Lingerie 2
Page 3 Turquoise Eyes 5

(If there's no LM for a store, that means it is closed, or I couldn't locate it.)

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