Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Seasonal" Icy Goddess

‘Tis the season! I was playing around with this sweet skin I got from Ugly Duck as a group gift. I told you I’d have more ideas! SO, I think I’ll be throwing in a “Seasonal” piece every now and then. We all know how fun it is to find amazing seasonal items to play with in SL.

I am always checking out the SL fashion feed blogs, and I am currently waiting to get syndicated on some of them. At any rate, I saw someone in this skin, and they mentioned it was a group gift, so I had to mosey on over and get it for myself! I was typing in winter related words into the search bar of my inventory, and the Winter White Snowflake Gown by Moxie Polano popped up. I knew it’d go great with this skin! I have to say, Moxie is one of my favorite designers. I really love the movement in this dress, the way the skirt just cascades in such a soft, flowing manner.

The jewelry is the limited edition JennaRicci from JCNY. Only a handful of these were even created, and I was lucky enough to get one. Who knows, there may still be some available! Or perhaps some new design from the amazing, creative mind of JD Hansen. I had to go with ETD’s Aiiyanna in White. I feel like such a snowy goddess!

For the second time this week, I have to show you guys the FREE Snowflakes on my Lashes from WWI. You have to get over there now for the Peace on Earth grid wide hunt and get them! SO cute, and did I mention FREE? Just look for the small earth-like blue globe with a dove on it!

I hope you have enjoyed my walk on the icy side today. Go get this free group skin, and play dress up as your own version of an ice goddess.

MP Winter White Snowflake Gown *
Maitreya Slinky Stilettos White
ETD Aiiyanna White
JCNY JennaRicci Vault Edition
Page 3 Violet Eyes 4
Ugly Duck XmasGroup Gift - Snow Queen Runed
WWI Snowflakes on my Lashes (free in POE Grid Wide Hunt!)
{flowey} we do summer-pose in full body picture

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