Monday, December 7, 2009

"Review" Maitreya

Back over the summer, there was an exciting event for fashion bloggers, it was Blogger Appreciation Week. We were all offered a completely STUPID amount of many that I could barely keep track of them all!

One of my potential goals upon my recent return to SL was to organize my inventory (yeah right...), and I think we all know how that tends to go! At any rate, I found a $2500L gift card from Blogger Appreciation Week from Maitreya! Considering it had been so long since that time, I didn't really think it'd be honored for me. I IM'd Onyx LeShelle, the owner and creator of Maitreya, and she happily told me she'd accept it! Yipee! I went from hoping to slim down my inventory, to promptly beefing it up!

There's definately a lot to choose from at Maitreya. Hair, shoes, clothing, and poses. I don't own much clothing from Maitreya, so that is what I chose for my gift card. I also picked out a pair of the Maitreya Gold line of shoes, which I hadn't seen since my departure from SL.

I really loved the HighSkirt as soon as I saw it. Very classy, and I can see it easily being dressed down for the office, or dressed up for any special occasion. There are several color options to choose from, but I went with Valentino.

Upon wandering the store, I noticed the Savoir Turtleneck Top and instantly knew it'd go great with the skirt. I chose the Lavender, finding it to be a nice color combination with the skirt. I still needed one more accessory to go with, so I stopped by the scarf table. The Long Scarf in Plum was just what I needed. This is no ordinary scarf however, it has multiple settings so you can wear it in several different stationary poses, or you can have it in a flexi option, which I prefer best.

I left the clothing area and found myself drooling in the Maitreya Gold building. Gorgeous designs with prim toes were abounding! Seeing as these style of shoes are all the rage these days in SL, I had to try a pair out. I chose the Shanti in Grape, to match my prior purple-ness. The shoes come with a HUD to attach, and that is where you can do all of the color adjustments. I found it very easy to match to my skin, as Onyx has included a popular list of skins that she has already matched. Luckily, my Laqroki skin was on the list!

Nothing on my head is included in the Maitreya review, but I had to show you these adorable snowflake lashes! They are free at Worldwide Industries in the POE Grid Wide hunt! You should definitly go and get them.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Maitreya, and feel free to stop on in there, and check all the gioodies for yourself.

Cake - Dakota - Chestnut Hair
LAQ ~ Alice 04 [Fair] Glow skin
Maitreya Gold - Shanti Grape
Maitreya HighSkirt Valentino
Maitreya Long Scarf * Plum
Maitreya Savoir Turtleneck Top Lavender
Page 3 Hazel Eyes 2
p.c.; Diamond Necklace Set (earrings only)
WWI Snowflakes on my Lashes (free in POE Grid Wide Hunt!)

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