Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Review" Miss Aoki by Aleida

Aleida Rhode is proud to announce an amazing new skin crafted in the likeness of the well known American model Devon Aoki. The pouty lips and the splattering of freckles are the calling for this sweet skin she has named "Miss Aoki".

Here you can see a comparison picture of the SL model, and the RL model. Not bad if I do say so myself! I am wearing the Nude skin for this picture.

As you can see in this full body shot of the Nude make-up, the body is nice and soft. Not too much harsh shading that you can find with some other skins. With each skin purchase, you get a with cleavage and without cleavage version. The shape is also included in the single skins as well as the fat pack.

In this first picture, I am showing you the skin tones of Nude, Emerald, Catwalk, and Bronze in the version without cleavage. I really enjoy the different make-up options included in the fat pack. A nice variety!

For this shot I chose to wear Smokey, Red, Orange, and Pink in the cleavage version. They are all so pretty! You can get a single skin in both with or without cleavage versions, plus the modifiable shape for just L$898. The fat pack, which consists of 8 different make ups in the 2 versions, and the modifiable Miss Aoki shape is only L$3998.

Along with this great skin, Aleida also has some amazing clothing and shoes available. There's alos 2 lucky chairs, amazing group gifts, and a Christams hunt gift as well! Very talented if I do say so myself. Please get on down to Aleida today and see what this is all about!

*booN JUN762 hair brown (close up comparison picture)
esme for (pda) Save Me From What I Want (front body pose)
esme for (pda) Just The Same But Brand New (back body pose)
[Detour] Nails - Lacquer Set
*K-Design* Lashes ~ Natural (light)
Silhouette Eyes MOOD: Fur (S) Stormy
~Blacklace~ Sinful: Red Satin and Mesh Baby Doll (just the panties and bra)
Armidi Hair - The Pasadena Girl III- Brown (full body and make up pictures)

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